DECEMBER 5-6, 2022


Organizers: Bernd Schmitt (Columbia Business School) and Reto Hofstetter (University of Lucerne)
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In 2022, crypto and NFTs (so-called “non-fungible tokens”) have become the latest buzz words in emerging technologies and marketing. Bitcoin investment and use has become mainstream enough that governments around the world have moved from regulatory discussions to decisions. Blockchains and distributed ledgers with smart contract features (Ethereum, Solana, Binance) continue to grow and spur new business models for both start-ups and corporate initiatives.

Crypto-collectibles (including CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, and Bored Apes) built on these chains are valued together in the millions of dollars (with the leading marketplace, OpenSea, valued in the billions), and companies and brands of all sorts and sizes, from Coca Cola and Gucci to Adidas and Pizza Hut, are aiming to capitalize on NFTs. In addition, technology giants like Meta and Twitter are planning to incorporate blockchain technology into their social platforms, games, and emerging metaverses. At the same time, and most relevant for this conference, many researchers have launched projects on crypto-marketing related phenomena.

The International Conference on Crypto-Marketing, to be held on December 5 and 6 at Columbia Business School in New York City, invites academic researchers to present their research and debate the benefits and pitfalls of crypto-marketing. The conference will examine, how NFTs, crypto, and distributed ledger technology, will play a key role in physical and digital marketplaces, as well as how the brands built on these technologies work to scale them into the mainstream.


Crypto-marketing concerns any marketing practice that leverages blockchain technology to design, price, promote and sell digital and non-digital goods. The crypto-marketing conference at Columbia Business School – hosted by the Center on Global Brand Leadership — will be the second conference of its kind, following up on a smaller, inaugural conference held last year in Lucerne (Switzerland). In addition to academic sessions, there will be participation and educational sessions by crypto-industry experts.


Collaboration with the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM)

One of the goals of the conference is to provide feedback to researchers on their current efforts, including work in progress, as this is an emerging area. Papers presented at the conference will be eligible for submission to a forthcoming Special Issue on the topic in IJRM. The editor of the journal, Professor Martin Schreier, and select associate editors will attend the conference.


Topics of interest

We invite researchers that work on a wide variety of crypto-marketing research to submit their work. Papers to be presented at the conference may be empirical or conceptual, and the focus may be strategic, behavioral or modeling-focused.  Concepts may originate from economics, psychology, management, sociology, anthropology, computer science, or other related disciplines. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Strategic issues related to blockchain/crypto and marketing
  • Technological challenges towards implementing blockchain in marketing
  • Competitive structure and power balance under distributed data storage and smart contracts
  • Using blockchain to better assess the return on marketing activities along a decentralized distribution channel
  • Using blockchain timestamps to assess the temporal effects of marketing activities
  • Blockchain impact on the use of intermediaries throughout the marketing channel
  • Blockchain as a means to understand better the return on advertising
  • Consumer perception and mental accounting of crypto-currencies
  • Pricing issues in a multi-crypto-currency environment
  • Blockchain or NFT impacts on branding, promotion, distribution, and loyalty
  • NFTs: social status, design, buying and selling
  • The role of blockchain technology in better curating and managing customer data
  • Using blockchain for distributed product design
  • Blockchain, marketing and the metaverse
  • The impact of maintaining product provenance on consumers and firms
  • Blockchain and creative industries
  • Blockchain and gaming
  • Blockchain privacy issues
  • Blockchain and product counterfeits – consumer and firm perspective
  • The use of blockchain for better understanding cross product relationships (e.g. The Internet of Things)
  • Network externalities in a distributed world – will a blockchain environment reduce, enhance, of change the nature of network externalities
  • Blockchain and trust
  • Blockchain based social networks
  • Blockchain pseudonymity and user generated content
  • Blockchain as a means to manage intangible assets – brand equity and customer equity
  • Role of intermediaries and retailers
  • New constructs and conceptual development
  • Societal, regulatory, and legal issues of blockchain and marketing


Submission guidelines

The submission deadline will be September 15, 2022. We understand that crypto-marketing is a fast-moving area; some research may therefore still be work-in-progress. Therefore, we ask for a title page stating authors, university affiliations, and contact information, followed by eight (8) Powerpoint slides that describe the research question, conceptual framework, methodology, results, and practical and theoretical implications. Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the organizers and a committee of technology and marketing experts. Acceptances will be sent by October 10, 2022.

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We look forward to your submissions and seeing you during the holidays season in New York!

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